Meeting your expectations

What to expect at your second opinion appointment:

  • Amy, our nurse navigator, will contact you prior to your appointment to help guide you through the process
    Please make certain that you have obtained all of the information/films/slides prior to your visit
  • If your insurance requires a referral, you will need to obtain one
  • You will check in at our front desk and they will verify all of your demographic information and insurance coverage
  • We ask that only one support person come to the exam room with you
  • A thorough medical history will be obtained
  • Upper extremity measurements will be obtained as a baseline for future reference
  • The breast surgical oncologist will then come in to examine you and this may include ultrasound scanning of your axilla, arm pit and or your breast to look for a marker that would have been placed at the time of your biopsy
  • Photographs of your breasts may be obtained for surgical planning
  • After your detailed and focused physical exam, you will be escorted to the surgeons office for your round table detailed discussion with your support team
  • Review of your X-rays, pathology report and medical history will occur
  • The surgeon will then write a detailed algorithm of your treatment options as most patients have many options both local (treatment of the breast and axilla) and systemic (treatment of your entire body)
  • We will explain the risks, benefits and alternatives to your options
  • You will be given a binder with copies of your reports, resources and the office notes written that day (once they have been scanned)
  • You will be provided with contact information for additional specialists and imaging studies as needed
  • Included in your packet will be 5 healing certificates from The Healing Consciousness Foundation (, which can be used for various integrative and holistic services. These are yours to use regardless of where you chose to receive surgical care for your cancer

The most important thing to remember is to breathe and take the time you need to create a team of physicians that you trust and that you are certain will be there for you along your journey!