What is a Second Opinion?

Oftentimes, patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer seek a second opinion. During a second opinion appointment, we will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your current health status, past medical history, your breast cancer type and stage, as well as a detailed family history. We will then clearly explain all of your treatment options in easy-to-understand language. There are often many treatment options and clearly understanding what is best for you is very important.

Not all treatment recommendations can be made at the time of diagnosis, but open lines of communication will keep you and your family up-to-date with your treatment. An expert, skilled physician will often suggest that you obtain a second opinion, as they will want you to feel comfortable and confident in their care. Do not feel guilty about getting a second opinion, feel empowered, as you are your best healthcare advocate.

Additional diagnostic testing may be needed to confirm the type and stage of your cancer and to develop a comprehensive care plan.